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We stock a range of treated timber in a variety of sizes that includes posts, rails, boards, decking boards and garden sleepers.

We can only offer a cutting service for our timber stock.

We now stock European Larch and Oak logs which can be milled to customer specifications.

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We make high quality fencing panels produced to the highest standard, we have a wide variety of shapes and sizes that can be made. All our heavy duty panels are pressure treated and can be made to order to certain sizes required.

Most of our panels can be made to none standard sizes and can have concave or convex top. 

During busy periods there can be a lead time for certain ranges.


We have approximately 200 tonnes hardwood and firewood, most is sawn and split packed in bulk bags.

Large quantity of large hardwood logs in stock. Vast quantity of logs which can be collected or delivered locally.

Large selection of sawn and split logs in drying bags. Large crates of logs ready to collect on site. Nets of Kindling to collect. Boxes of logs ready to collect.


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